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How to make your own God

"So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them".

That God your parents gave you, the God you learned about at school and in Church, the One that's been kicking around all your life - He's looking a bit dog-eared these days, much like the bible you left Him in.

A little shabby, worn out, frayed around the edges. And even if you dust Him down and patch Him up, He doesn't really measure up to your expectations. All this smiting and judging, it's just not you any more. All your friends' Gods seem equally clapped out and none of the standard off-the-shelf Deities comes even close to what you're looking for. No, there's only one thing for it - you'd better buckle down and make your own God, before it's too late.

Don't be put off by the enormity of the task - it's actually less difficult than you might think. People just like you are doing it every day. And there's evidence to suggest they've been doing it for thousands of years.

Making your own God is a Design Project

And like any other project, it has to be properly planned. A project begins with a Design Specification, in which the end user sets out exactly what is expected of the provider. In this case, you are playing both roles, end user and provider, but that should not be allowed to short circuit the process. Unless you start out by defining your ideal God, you might find the result far from your liking, and that would be a waste of all your hard work.

Building the God Design Specification

The first thing to understand is that you are designing a God for you, not for anyone else. So, you should take the opportunity to give your God all your own favourite characteristics and attributes. For example - are you a strong patriot? Then make sure your God has a soft spot for your country above all others. Do you approve of same sex marriage? That's no problem. You can easily programme your God to feel the same way. See the idea? Perform an honest analysis of your own personality and simply project it onto your God Design. Some people do this unconsciously, but far better results can be achieved with a little focused effort.

Developing the God Design Specification

Once you have designed a God in your image, the next stage is to decide what S/He is to do and what S/He has already done. Here are a few ideas that many God Designers employ:

Realising the Design

You might be wondering how you make the final leap from Design to Creation. Your shiny new God is just so much theory? Mere wishful thinking? But do not despair. It's actually very simple. You bring your new God to life by Faith. Your God exists because you know S/He does. And because S/He speaks to you - in your own voice! Miracle of miracles. You have created God. Enjoy!

Why did I write this?

Personally, I do not believe in God. But I am fascinated by the whole God phenomenon and the way different people manifest and justify their various beliefs. I think it's fairly widely accepted that there can be no absolute proof or disproof of God's existence. Mere existence is therefore not worth arguing either way. But the actions and characteristics that believers attribute to their Gods are well worth discussing, especially when these beliefs are used to justify indoctrination of children or acts of oppression.

This article triggered a lively forum discussion on the idea that we create God in our own image. I think it is clear that societies and individuals have been doing this for centuries. But even if you are certain I am wrong, perhaps you will agree that many believers pick and choose among scriptures for the version of God that makes them most comfortable. This to me seems less than honest.

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